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Treatment Services


onnecticut Behavioral Health provides therapy for Children, Adolescents, Families, and Adults. CBH clinicians have received advanced training and are highly skilled in a variety of empirically based treat¬ment modalities. CBH clinicians perform a comprehensive intake assessment during the patient's initial sessions and use this information to develop individualized treatment plans.

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CBH provides psychological services across a variety of diagnoses, treating nearly 300 individuals and families every week.

Child/Adolescent Treatment

CBH clinicians employ a variety of treatment modalities (e.g., behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, play therapy, relationship focused) to address the psychological needs of children and adolescents. In particular, a number of our clinicians have extensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis and utilize their behavioral knowledge to develop individualized behavior plans to address the issues of concern for the child or adolescent.

Adult Treatment/Couples/Marital Therapy

CBH clinicians work with their adult clients to help them gain greater control over their psychological/emotional issues. Dependent on the needs of the client, CBH clinicians will determine the specific treatment approach to help empower their clients. As part of the Adult Treatment services CBH offers is Couples/Marital Therapy. Couples/Marital Therapy focuses on identifying the couples strengths and weaknesses and the specific issues affecting the relationship. Through relationship and communication focused work we look to help the couple grow and productively resolve the issues that brought them to therapy.

Family Treatment

CBH clinicians have extensive training and experience in providing family based psychotherapy. Family therapy allows individual family members the opportunity to raise and work out their concerns in a safe collaborative family environment. CBH clinicians work to ensure the absolute comfort of our clientele and thus tailor our therapy to the needs of each family.

Group Treatment : View Brochure

CBH also provides group therapy for children and adoles­cents. Group membership is based on age, maturity, and treatment issue. Examples of group topics include: Social Skills, Coping with Divorce, Anger Management, and Anxiety Management (e.g., school refusal/phobia). Group therapy provides the client the opportunity to learn and apply specific skills in the peer-environment, an environ­ment in which they spend a significant amount of time and where difficulties often arise.

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