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School Consultation Services


he staff at CBH will collaborate with school personnel to evaluate and design behavioral and special education individualized programs. As consultants to many Connecticut school dis­tricts, CBH provides on-site training for school personnel to implement difficult behavioral modification programs, beginning with functional assessments and tiered level systems for the most difficult behavior problems. CBH also offers on-site training on child and adolescent mental health issues. Previous seminar topics have included cutting, suicide prevention, classroom behavior manage­ment, adolescent development, and anxiety management. A breakdown of the specific services CBH provides is listed below.

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i. Program Development

  • Individual Program Design

  • Intense behavioral components designed to reduce problem behaviors

  • Agressive, self-control, psychiatric, autism spectrum, bi-polar behavioral management programs

ii. Systems Consultation

  • Autism Program Consultation: Design and Implementation of individual and district-wide programs

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis Methodology

  • Special Education and Pre-referral Intervention Teaming

  • IEP analysis

iii. Psychological and Psychiatric Evaluations

  • Psychoeducation, Neuropsychological Evalutaions

  • Psychiatric Evaluations: diagnostic evaluations to determine programmatic decisions

  • IEP formulation and intervention design

iv. Risk Assessments

  • Determination of risk for suicidal or homicidal behavior

  • Assess students safety and eligibility for return to school.

  • Design of crisis management protocols

v. Inclusion of Special Education Students

  • Serious emotionally disturbed students into the regular education classroom

  • Autistic and Pervasive Developmental Disorder inclusionary models

vi. Inservice Trainings for Faculty and Staff Development

  • Classroom Management and Difficult Student Management

  • Psychiatric diagnoses and the SED Student

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD): Understanding Educational implications

  • Positive Behavioral Support Program Design District-Wide

  • Crisis Management and Suicidal Risk Assessment

vii. In-Home Support Services

  • Provision of Behavioral Support Programs for Autistic Spectrum Students in the home

  • Parent Training for parents of students with an ASD

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