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In-Home Services (CABS)


BH In-Home Services: CABS, utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to intervention for the most difficult behavioral and or psychiatric concerns. The CBH model incorporates clinical therapeutic interventions, including trauma based models with Applied Behavioral Analytic (ABA) methodologies as the foundation for the individualized programs that we create for our clients. The CBH model is revolutionary in that it provides intervention across all domains necessary to treat the child and family. Therapeutic interventions as well as behavioral modification are provided in concert with each other. CABS In-Home staff are licensed clinicians and have extensive training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) as well as the Restorative Model for treating trauma based problems. 

How the process starts...

CABS clinicians begin with a clinical intake to obtain a complete description and history of the presenting problem. The CABS team then creates a comprehensive therapeutic and behavioral intervention plan based on both clinical needs as well as a functional analysis of the problem behavior. The treatment plan may include therapy (family and/or individual) as well as an extensive behavioral support program consisting of proactive, preventative strategies (i.e., environmental modifications) as well as behavioral modification strategies to assist the family with managing the problem behavior when it arises. Connecticut Behavioral Health’s model is focused on creating a positive family environment and skill building. The problem behaviors that are identified during the functional behavior analysis and family interview are reframed into positive skills that will be rewarded. This system of reinforcement teaches children productive behaviors that will result in more socially acceptable behavior.

Did you know?

CBH currently provides In-Home Services for The Department of Developmental Services, The Department of Children and Families, Juvenile Court and a number of school districts throughout the state.

Our Services

i. In-Home Behavioral Program Development

  • Individual Program Design

  • Intense behavioral components designed to reduce problem behaviors

  • Agressive, self-control, psychiatric, bi-polar programs

ii. Applied Behavioral Analysis Programs

  • Autism Program Consultation: Design and Implementation

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis Methodology

  • Special Education and Pre-referral Intervention Teaming

iii. Psychological and Psychiatric Evaluations

  • Psychiatric diagnosis to determine programmatic decisions

  • IEP formulation and intervention design

iv. Family In-Home Services

  • Train Parents on behavioral program for child in the home

  • Provide behavioral programming on a daily basis

v. Outpatient Care

  • Provide treatment for behaviorally intense children on an outpatient basis

  • Autistic and Pervasive Developmental Disorder services

vi. Wrap-Around Services

  • Medication services as part of overall treatment

  • In-Home programming

  • Educational implications

Who we offer help to...

CABS In-Home Services provides behavioral services for children, adolescents, and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Developmental Delays, Medical Disorders, and Psychiatric/Behavioral issues.

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