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Autism Programming Services


he development of programs and continuum of services to be offered to students identified as having an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) within the public school setting, requires a wide variety of educational approaches and methodologies. The special programming developed to educate students includes strategies from some of the more research- based methodologies (ABA, TEACCH, PECS, etc.). This framework of understanding of how children with ASD learn is consistent with the National Academy of Science (NAS) 2001 report which recommends "multiple methodologies" for programming for students with autism and will ensure individual programming with a focus on a student's Individual Educational Plan (IEP) and how goals and objectives will be carried out (NRC, 2001). The psychologists at Connecticut Behavioral Health, LLC, approach teaching children with ASD from a multi-intervention approach with a behavioral emphasis. We believe in a continuum of services that make up a Multi-Intervention Teaching Approach (MITA) for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

MITA Services

For students being identified with having an Autism Spectrum Disorder...

See below for a detailed list of services we offer.

Direct Instruction

Systematic, comprehensive individualized instruction to implement educational goals and objectives

Total Communication Approach

Providing multiple frameworks for communication opportunities to improve receptive, expressive, non-verbal, and pragmatic language skills

Sensory Motor

Addressing the vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, auditory, visual, and movement needs of each student

Facilitate Play and Leisure Development

Targeting both the social and communicative core deficits found in students with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Parent Training

Strengthening the home/school collaboration by offering training sessions on target areas of need for an individual student (e.g., behavior, visual schedules, preparing for community outings, etc.)

Functional Life Skills

Teaching of adaptive skills students have yet to master

At Connecticut Behavioral Health, LLC...

We are dedicated to help support families and school districts to ensure the most appropriate educational programming possible for children with ASD.

Other Services

Along with our Multi-Intervention Training Approach, Connecticut Behavioral Health also provides...

School Consultations

  • Individual Educational Plan (IEP) development

  • Staff trainings on Autism Spectrum Disorders

  • Creation of behavior plans and monitoring

Parent Consultations

  • Individual Educational Plan (IEP) development

  • Individual counseling

For Children Identified Having an ASD

  • Social skills training

  • Individual cognitive behavioral therapy

  • Psychological Assessments: Cognitive, Educational, Adaptive, Developmental History & Play Observation

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